A real Linux
for phones
and other mobile devices.
Beta version. Calls don't work on most phones yet.
Introducing the postmarketOS podcast

Breaking updates in edge

postmarketOS has two release channels, edge and stable. While edge gets shiny new features first, it also has breakage from time to time. This page has short posts about required manual interventions and ongoing regressions. An Atom feed is available for your favorite web feed reader.


sxmo: conflict in 1.2.0 upgrade 2020-12-14 (0 min)
postmarketos-base: config migration 2020-12-03 (0 min)
xorg-server moved from main to community 2020-12-01 (0 min)
Breaking update for 32-bit arches in postmarketOS edge 2020-07-21 (0 min)