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for phones
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A real Linux distribution for phones
and other mobile devices
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postmarketOS has been in development since 2016, and was published in 2017. The blog posts often cover shiny new features, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. A significant amount of work and time has to be spent on reviewing and testing incoming patches, analyzing and fixing bugs in all kinds of code bases, packaging new software releases, upstreaming patches, answering to issues, making sure that the infrastructure works, writing blog posts. Donations allow us to keep postmarketOS afloat in all aspects, and to bring it into a bright future where you control your phone again and not the other way around.

Donations are accepted through the NLnet Foundation via bank transfer and other mechanisms (as of writing BTC, BCH, NMC, PayPal and credit card). Depending on your region, they are tax deductible.

Please confirm your donation by writing to donation@ nlnet .nl. If you choose a different method than bank transfer, then you must explicitly write that this donation is intended for postmarketOS. You can add to the mail whether your donation is anonymous (if not, please add donation@ postmarketos .org).

Processing the donations is currently not automated, so preferably this is used for one larger amount rather than many small amounts.

Thank you for considering a donation!

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Tax information

Stichting NLnet is an acknowledged public benefit organisation according to the Netherlands tax authority (ANBI, Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling). Your donation may be tax deductible as a result. Please verify with your tax advisor or local tax office. NLnet has EORI Number: NL-0079.89.398. Stichting NLnet is registered at the Chamber of Commerce Amsterdam, number 41208365