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for phones
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A real Linux distribution for phones
and other mobile devices
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Latest news: v21.06 Release



Release v21.06.2

Official postmarketOS images are available for devices in the main and community categories. All of them are run a (close to) mainline kernel. Devices in main are supported best. Devices in community are well maintained and making progress, but may still have serious issues that need to be fixed (e.g. SMS not working). Refer to the devices page for details.

Release v21.06.2 is recommended for best stability.

Edge (Rolling Release)

Development happens in edge, the rolling release channel of postmarketOS. Find downloads for devices in main and community categories here. To install postmarketOS to one of the many devices in testing or to customize your installation otherwise (e.g. install another user interface), use pmbootstrap as explained in the installation guide.

Edge is recommended for development (latest features, occasional breakage).


Make sure to read documentation about the user interfaces (Phosh, Plasma Mobile and Sxmo). Default username is user, default password is 147147. SSH can be enabled (disabled by default). The first boot always takes longer, as the partition gets resized to take up the whole storage.

Join #postmarketOS on Matrix/IRC if you have questions!

Installer image

Some devices also have a graphical installer image available. With this image, you can set your own password and encrypt the installation. It is also possible to install from the SD card to the internal storage.