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Call For Testers

May 21, 2023 1 min. read

OnePlus 6 on the beach, showing a terminal

Alpine Linux 3.18 has been released recently, which means the next postmarketOS release v23.06 will be available shortly.

In preparation for the release we created a new testing team. This is our way of getting the community directly involved into the testing process, which has been mostly done by the developers before. If you are already a postmarketOS user, consider joining the testing team to make sure that the new release runs as good as possible on your particular phone! After the release, we plan to make service packs available early to the testing team as well.

=> Read more about / join the testing team

While they won't make it into the v23.06 release just yet, recently a lot of Chrome OS devices were added to postmarketOS edge. A lot of those Chromebooks are so similar that in theory they should work even though we were only able to actually test on a few of them. If you happen to own one of these many Chromebooks and would like to run postmarketOS with a mainline Linux kernel on it: Give it a try, write an issue if it does not work, and consider joining the testing team to get new changes first and make sure we catch regressions for your particular device.

On the topic of testing, stability and support expectations, etc. we also have a new state of postmarketOS page.

That's it for today, stay tuned for the v23.06 release and have a nice day!