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v23.06: From the GNOME Mobile 2023 Hackfest

June 07, 2023 3 min. read

A lot of phones on a table, most of them running postmarketOS (also one with a Debian logo), and lots of stickers, mostly for postmarketOS, and a beer coaster of the cultivation space

After FOSDEM 2023 a few people found themselves hacking collaboratively on postmarketOS in a local cafe in Brussels. It was so productive and fun that we figured doing a proper hackathon this year would be great. While we were planning, we realized that also a GNOME Mobile Hackfest would take place soon — so we just did a postmarketOS hackathon right before GNOME Mobile's event. In fact, this post and the release are brought to you right from the Hackfest!

v23.06, like previous releases, is geared mainly towards Linux enthusiasts as explained in our article state of postmarketOS.

Supported devices

This stable release is available for the following 31 devices:

The list is the same as in the previous v22.12 release (+ SP1), except that the PineTab has been removed. The PineTab can still be used with postmarketOS edge. If you are interested in getting it back to the stable release, the first step would be you stepping up to maintain the port - let us know in the issues or chat.


User Interfaces

Testing and known issues

A huge thanks to everyone at the newly formed Testing Team, who helped greatly in finding and getting a number of regressions and bugs fixed right before finalizing the release!

Notable regressions:

How To Get It

New installation

For new installs, see download and make sure to read the wiki page for your device.


For existing installations, see the upgrade to a newer postmarketOS release wiki article. Note that you still need to make sure to have a stable network connection when performing the release upgrade (there were plans to make it more resilient, but it wasn't possible to do it in time for the release).

Manual steps after upgrading to this release:

A community effort

A big thanks to everybody who contributed to postmarketOS, to Alpine or to any of the numerous upstream components we use — without you this would not be possible!