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FOSDEM 2024 + Hackathon

February 14, 2024 7 min. read

A collection of stickers and phones at the Linux on Mobile FOSDEM stand

As is quickly becoming tradition, the postmarketOS team made their way to FOSDEM at the beginning of February again. We rarely get the chance to have the entire core team in the same place (unfortunately we still had Dylan missing). As such we took the chance to not only take part in this wonderful conference in Brussels, but also spend three additional days hacking away in a nice distraction-free apartment that we booked, powered by the donations we receive on OpenCollective. It was extraordinary, we had so much focus, did an enormous amount of planning and tackling of hard tasks, wrote new code, removed legacy code, worked on infrastructure and just had a good time. There is a lot coming up, you can expect to read more in blog posts and merge requests in the next weeks and months. That being said, we wanted to share some of the highlights, especially for the people supporting us. Without you, this would have been significantly harder to organise.

FOSDEM Saturday

Us at the FOSDEM Linux on Mobile stand
By the fact that Clayton lost his voice on Saturday, you can tell it was busy.
Compared to a typical Saturday morning, some of us got up really early to prepare our corner of the Linux on Mobile stand, together with all the other amazing projects. It involved some last minute flashing, placing stickers on the table, configuring the phones to not blank their screen and so on. Some of us stayed at the table for more or less the whole day and had incredible conversations with all the people coming by. Compared to last year where we were in the H building, being in Aw (awwww!) seemed a bit more remote (map) and one might think that this would lead to less people coming by. But far from it!

FOSDEM is known for many things taking place in parallel and so did, in addition to the countless stands, an incredible amount of devrooms have talks going on at the same time. One of these devrooms was FOSS on Mobile Devices. Again a collaboration with our friends from projects such as Mobian, Sailfish OS, Ubuntu Touch, PureOS and NemoMobile. Folks related to postmarketOS gave a few talks and helped running the devroom. At the same time, quite a few people streamed the talks and had some good questions in the Matrix chat that were asked to the presenters in the short Q&A sessions after each talk. The devroom was a total blast, we were happy to have so many amazing presentations there! All talks were recorded and have been uploaded if you have some hours to kill.

After everyone left ULB in the evening, we spontaneously decided to go to the GNOME Beers event. Even our two renown KDE devs Bart and Luca joined in and made it out alive!


As the devroom was "only" taking place the whole Saturday, the people who spent all day in it could get the full stand experience. Thanks to help from the Sxmo IRC channel, we figured out how to make the Sxmo demo phone not blank its screen as well (it is actually a standard feature that can be accessed through the menu). We made a post-it with instructions for our favorite tiling window manager based phone UI and people were happy to give it a try and to learn the combinations (if you really try and have a guide infront of you, you can get the hang of it in a couple of minutes). We had many more great conversations, and handed out a lot of stickers. Thanks to everybody who came by, it was amazing!

Again, in parallel, talks were visited, and at the end of the day we were surprised to be not kicked out of the cafeteria after FOSDEM was basically over. Big cheers to Raffaele, Peter and Sebastian for sticking around and joining us in recording postmarketOS podcast #38.


One of the first things we did on Monday morning, was taking pictures off from a wall and use it for nice visual planning with post-its. As mentioned earlier, we will make separate blog posts for the bigger things in the near future, but here are some of the topics that we discussed and worked on with intense focus:

On reflection, this has possibly been one of the most productive (and fun) weeks for the project in a very long while. And your donations have been a clear enabler for this to happen. So if you appreciate the work we're doing on postmarketOS, and want to support us, consider joining our OpenCollective.