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Latest news: pmOS in 2024-04

postmarketOS in 2024-03: systemd and more trusted contributors

March 13, 2024 4 min. read

It's mid-March, and here comes a new update on what has happened in postmarketOS for the last month! For the Core Team, this month has been characterized for the classic post-FOSDEM hangover: a mix between a huge amount of excitement, and the realization that real life exists, and not every weekend there's FOSDEM. As you hopefully all know, part of that excitement has been the final touches for making systemd changes public. If you have not read the systemd announcement yet, please make sure to do so. But in short, systemd gets added for KDE and GNOME based UIs and will be the default there in pre-built images, and we put in a lot of work to make sure that Sxmo can still use OpenRC and it is even possible to build your own KDE and GNOME based images with OpenRC if you prefer. However, it's also been an exciting month for other reasons. Since we started writing the last post, there has been more than 150 MRs merged in the postmarketOS namespace, and this seems to be a consistent upwards trend!

Scaling up: thoughts and improvements

The last month has been incredibly busy for the Core Team and the Trusted Contributors. It has been most likely the month with the most MRs opened and merged in a while if not ever. This means increased work for everybody, while the rest of the ecosystem continues moving forward, as for example with the KDE Plasma 6 release! Reviewing all these MRs is not an easy task, and sometimes the list of pending MRs and opened issues grows, and we can take a bit to get to your contributions. This would have been much harder without the Trusted Contributors program, but we certainly have room for improvement. If you have ideas of things that we could be doing better, or how to improve our technical and social processes, do not hesitate to reach out in chat or at mastodon.

Looking for Plasma maintainers

The upgrade to Plasma 6 has been a huge amount of effort, and Bart more or less completely did it by himself. If you are a happy Plasma user in postmarketOS or Alpine and would not only like to see it become better, but actively take part in that, then consider becoming a Plasma maintainer in Alpine/postmarketOS! You can reach out to us via IRC and matrix in the postmarketos-devel channel, and tag @PureTryOut. Maintainers don't need to be able to do everything, every small bit of work that could be taken from the current only maintainer would already be a huge help.

So what's new?

And what's next?


We are very happy with what we got done this month together, and that the systemd news were mostly received positively. There even was a poll on Mastodon with 539 people, of which 72% voted for systemd. We hope to keep bringing great news, while serving our community and collaborating closely with other projects.

If you appreciate the work we're doing on postmarketOS, and want to support us, consider joining our OpenCollective.