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Introducing "Active Community Members"

May 14, 2024 1 min. read

The call for Trusted Contributors we put out in December (and part 2) has been successful beyond our wildest imagination. As of writing we now have 11 TCs, who make a huge impact regarding the amount of patches we get into postmarketOS and the issues that get answered. We have learned that a great way to scale postmarketOS up is empowering well known community members to just do what they care about in this project.

With today's blog post we want to cut some more red tape. Besides the Trusted Contributors, we have a whole lot more active community members that are either listed in CODEOWNERS or just have been very active in the issue trackers.


We figured that it would be immensely useful if those very valued members of our community would be able to:

The big difference to the Trusted Contributor role is, that Active Community Members do not need to submit a formal application, and that they don't get merge rights.

How it will work

Improving the triaging process itself is currently being discussed in #60 and further feedback is appreciated. The current iteration of labels and how they are meant to be used can be found in the triaging wiki article.

Groups overview

The groups within postmarketOS are now the Core Team, Trusted Contributors, Active Community Members and the Testing Team. While it may sound like a bit much, having this organizational structure really helps to stay on top of the issue tracker and get relevant changes into postmarketOS faster. A homepage update is in the works, that will have a quick overview of all groups in a new team page.