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Important updates to initramfs creation and boot files

September 03, 2021 1 min. read

pmbootstrap 1.37.0 and postmarketos-mkinitfs >= 1.0.0 will include significant changes to the way that boot files (kernel, initramfs, boot.img) are created and installed on postmarketOS:

Boot files no longer have the "flavor" appended to the file names

The "flavor" is a string that denotes which kernel variant/package the file is from, and was originally included because there was some idea of supporting multiple installed kernel variants at once. This feature was never really fully implemented/supported in pmOS, so it was decided to simplify file naming by removing it from the file names. As an example, /boot/vmlinuz-postmarketos-allwinner is now named /boot/vmlinuz.

New tool for generating the initramfs/-extra, and auxiliary (boot.img, etc) files

The shell script for finalizing boot files (e.g. creating boot.img, appending dtb to the kernel image, etc) as been split off into a separate repository/project, to allow other Linux distributions to easily package and utilize it. The new project is boot-deploy.

The existing mkinitfs tool as been rewritten to support, and together with boot-deploy it supports:

Users on Edge will receive an upgrade starting today for postmarketos-mkinitfs that bring these changes.

While we don't anticipate any issues, and have spent a lot of time testing these changes, there is a possibility that things may break. If you experience any problems, please file an issue on gitlab, or reach out to us on chat