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Xfce4: postmarketOS icon might disappear

October 10, 2022 1 min. read

In January 2022, the location of the postmarketOS icon was moved from /usr/share/icons/postmarketOS/logo.svg to /usr/share/pixmaps/postmarketos-logo.svg (pma commit 5b424a36). In Xfce4 this caused the disappearance of the icon from the menu button in the top left corner. As a quick fix, a symlink to the old icon location was established (pma!2916). As a clean fix, the new icon location was implemented in the Xfce4 settings (xfce4-phone!9 and pma!2935).

Now, 7 month later, the symlink will be removed as a clean-up action (pma!3503). However, the config file with the icon location gets copied into the home config folder ~/.config/xfce4, therefore it doesn't get updated. On some existing installations removing the symlink causes the disappearence of the icon again. On those installations this needs to be fixed manually by Settings -> Panel -> Items -> Whisker Menu -> Edit (icon) -> Appearance tab -> Icon -> navigate to /usr/share/pixmaps (double-click folders) and choose postmarketos-logo.svg. Affected installations are: * Edge installations prior to 10th Feb 2022, icon is expected to get lost after upgrading postmarketos-ui-xfce4 package. * Stable installations created as v21.12 or older, icon is expected to get lost when upgrading to future v22.12.

Related issue: pma#1418