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Changes due to the release of mkinitfs 2.0

March 09, 2023 3 min. read

A recent release of the tool for generating the initramfs archives has introduced path (1) and format (2) changes that may affect users who have configured their installation of postmarketOS to use custom initramfs hooks or other files.

Users who did not add custom hooks or files to the initramfs should not be impacted by these changes. If any issues are encountered, please file an issue in the pmaports repo so that we can take a look.

This new release of mkinitfs supports using more compression formats for the initramfs, and simplifies how the initramfs and initramfs-extra archives are defined and configured within the OS, while allowing experienced users to continue adding their own customizations to these archives.

1. Path Changes

mkinitfs now searches different directories for configuration used to generate the initramfs archives. A summary of the path changes are below. Hooks or files added to the old path should be manually migrated to the new paths in order for mkinitfs to include user changes in the initramfs archives:

Old Path New Path Path Purpose
/etc/postmarketos-mkinitfs/hooks{,-extra} /etc/mkinitfs/hooks{,-extra} Hooks/scripts to include
/etc/postmarketos-mkinitfs/files{,-extra} /etc/mkinitfs/files{,-extra} Lists of files to include
/etc/postmarketos-mkinitfs/modules{,-extra} /etc/mkinitfs/modules{,-extra} Lists of kernel modules to include
none /etc/mkinitfs/dirs Lists of directories to include (Note: This feature is new to mkinitfs 2.0)

2. Format Changes

The format of the file lists in the files path can now accept a source and destination for each path listed. This allows placing a given file at a different path in the initramfs. If no destination is specified, then the file will be included in the initramfs at the same path as the original file.

For more information about these two changes, see man 1 mkinitfs.

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