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A real Linux distribution for phones
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Source Code

git repositories

Find postmarketOS related git repositories at https://gitlab.com/postmarketOS. Here are the most important ones:

Linux kernel

This page used to also point at a linux-postmarketos repository, which was originally intended to hold the sources to all (close to) mainline kernels used in postmarketOS. However the development workflow is now, that there are multiple repositories in which patches get integrated until they are upstreamed. Typically these repositories are SoC specific. Find them by looking at the dependencies of device packages in pmaports. The issues of the old repository have been archived here.


Report postmarketOS specific bugs in the pmaports repository, unless they clearly belong into another project (e.g. pmbootstrap). Upstream bugs (Alpine, Phosh, Plasma Mobile, ...) should be reported in upstream projects. When in doubt, rather make an issue in the postmarketOS tracker.

Binary packages

If you are looking for the source code, you might also be interested in how the packages from pmaports get transformed into the official binary packages. This happens transparently on build.postmarketos.org (bpo). Whenever a git commit gets pushed/merged to pmaports, bpo calculates which packages need to be rebuilt, and then builds the missing packages with pmbootstrap on builds.sr.ht. All build logs are publicly visible (and can even be followed while the packages are building).

Built packages can be accessed from the official mirrors, and one can search through them on pkgs.postmarketos.org (just like pkgs.alpinelinux.org).