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v22.12 SP2: The One With The Nice Pull-Down Menu

April 10, 2023 2 min. read

A SHIFT6mq standing on grass. It runs postmarketOS v22.12 SP2 with Phosh 0.26.0 and shows the nice pull-down menu.

Phosh upstream did this really nice Quick Settings menu style refresh that we are happy to ship with this service pack, among other improvements. Without a long introduction, enjoy the full list of changes:


Notes on SP1

As we found out later, the fix for high CPU consumption on the PinePhone (original, not Pro) and PineTab mentioned in SP1 only works if postmarketOS is installed to the SD card, not it if is installed to the eMMC. This is being investigated in #1946. If you are affected, consider installing to SD card in the meantime or consider contributing towards getting it fixed.

Careful readers will notice that it would have more sense to include Millipixels in SP1 already, as we had backported related improvements in the Librem 5 packaging. We missed it, but it is included here instead.

How to get it

Find the most recent images at our download page. Existing users of the v22.12 release will receive this service pack automatically on their next system update. If you read this blog post right after it was published, it may take a bit until binary packages and new images are available.

Thanks to everybody who made this possible, especially our amazing community members and upstream projects.