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v23.06 SP1: Through Staging

September 10, 2023 2 min. read

Nokia N900 with v23.06 SP1 installed, showing a terminal with neofetch, on top of the latest c't magazine with an article about postmarketOS in which the string "Nokia N900" was highlighted manually with a text marker

Yes, it is still possible to receive up-to-date software for the Nokia N900 in 2023. You can install postmarketOS v23.06 SP1 on it and upcycle it, possibly as SSH client on-the-go with its glorious hardware keyboard. Or use it as small webserver for a home project with built-in uninterruptible power supply, as mentioned in the c't magazine article in the picture. This service pack brings quite a few improvements for the N900, such as a power button action prompt that shows up when you press the power button and an improved terminal with a scrollbar.

"Through Staging" is the title of the service pack, because for the first time, it was available in a staging repository before the release. This allowed testing it without building packages locally beforehand. If you would like to get early access to future service packs, consider joining the testing team.


All devices:

Nokia N900:

PINE64 PineBook Pro:

Purism Librem 5:

(*): These fixes were already backported to v23.06 before releasing SP1.


For users upgrading from before v23.06 SP1: some of the N900 improvements require manually copying the defaults from /etc/skel to your home dir.

Running out of space after installing v23.06 on Android devices is a known bug (#2235). Read the issue for workarounds, a fix is being developed.

How to get it

Find the most recent images at our download page. Existing users of the v23.06 release will receive this service pack automatically on their next system update. If you read this blog post right after it was published, it may take a bit until binary packages and new images are available.

Thanks to everybody who made this possible, especially our amazing community members and upstream projects.