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Breaking update for 32-bit arches in postmarketOS edge

July 21, 2020 1 min. read

Here is a quick announcement for postmarketOS edge users on the architectures armhf, armv7 and x86. Note that aarch64 and x86_64 on edge are not affected. All the architectures on the recently released stable channel are also not affected.

Alpine Linux edge is moving to a new musl libc version introducing 64-bit time_t for 32-bit architectures. This requires all packages of the 32-bit architectures to be rebuilt against the new musl version. In postmarketOS, we will rebuild all affected edge packages as soon as the change is pushed to Alpine (today or tomorrow). Users will need to upgrade as follows, as soon as packages are rebuilt in postmarketOS edge.

# apk upgrade -U -a

The build status of the postmarketOS packages can be found on build.postmarketos.org. Note that the PinePhone postmarketOS CE will be shipped with the stable channel, which does not have such breaking changes.

Update: rebuilding our packages is in progress, see build.postmarketos.org#72 for details.

Update: this is fully resolved. The article was moved from /blog to /edge.