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postmarketOS in 2024-04: Grant applications and again, more TCs!

April 14, 2024 7 min. read

It is always fascinating to learn where postmarketOS ends up being used. This month we learned how one does various cool things with their Sxmo powered phone while travelling around the world on bike! Listen to the interview with magdesign in the latest podcast episode if you are curious. Now let's get to all the other amazing things that happened since the last blog post.

Pablo now works part-time on postmarketOS!

As it might be known to the reader, since December 2023 Clayton has been devoting 100% of his work time to postmarketOS. And since the beginning of this month Pablo is now also able to invest a big chunk of his work time into doing postmarketOS development!

This is of course incredible for the project - more people working on it means getting more things done faster. We still need to reach a sustainable strategy for financing this work though. Right now it works by "setting personal savings on fire" in combination to applying for grants, none of which are approved yet (more on that below). Long term we would ideally be able to cover their costs to work on postmarketOS from donations, but there is still a long path ahead! Thanks to all the amazing people who are donating via our OpenCollective we are already able cover important costs, e.g: the post-FOSDEM hackathon and all of our infrastructure costs, which is amazing!

On that note, we are also considering to free up more time for postmarketOS development by paying a professional podcast editor instead of doing the editing ourselves. (If you have feedback whether we should do this or not, let us know!)

Grant applications

We have collaborated on sending out four grant applications in total, on which various members of the wider Linux Mobile community with the right expertise can work on, as well as members of the Core Team (as mentioned above). These are the topics of the grants:

We hope to see some of these projects approved, and start to pay some of our developers and community members so they can spend more time on things we need. If you are a member of the community, with the will and ability (skills and time) to work on relevant things in our ecosystem, feel free to contact Pablo, he will be happy to help with grant applications. Our current main missing priorities are related to HW testing and phone cameras, but there are always other things that might be possible and interesting to get funded for.

So what's new?

And what's next?

If you appreciate the work we're doing on postmarketOS, and want to support us, consider joining our OpenCollective.