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Latest news: v21.06 Release

Breaking updates in edge

postmarketOS has two release channels, edge and stable. While edge gets shiny new features first, it also has breakage from time to time. This page has short posts about required manual interventions and ongoing regressions. An Atom feed is available for your favorite web feed reader.


PinePhone + Phosh: automatic audio profile switching for calls is broken 2021-09-19 (1 min)
Fallout from new mkinitfs (OnePlus 6/6T, 8T, devices using Alpine kernels like the Raspberry Pi) 2021-09-07 (1 min)
PinePhone /boot partition full after latest upgrade 2021-09-07 (1 min)
Important updates to initramfs creation and boot files 2021-09-03 (1 min)
Recent busybox upgrade breaks Sxmo 2021-08-30 (1 min)
Regression receiving calls on the Pinephone 2021-08-27 (1 min)
Long shutdown time, Polkit, PinePhone Modem 2021-08-22 (1 min)
Unable to unlock disk after using on-device installer with pre-built images 2021-07-21 (1 min)
Phosh: 'Oh no!' error after recent upgrade 2021-07-02 (1 min)
util-linux from Alpine Linux aports installs binaries in wrong location 2021-06-26 (1 min)
Librem 5: Action required if workaround for audio/ucm was applied 2021-06-23 (1 min)
Librem 5: No audio after upgrading to alsa-ucm-conf 1.2.5 2021-06-22 (1 min)
Dedicated SSH user prompt removed to make installation less complex 2021-06-18 (1 min)
tinydm 1.1.0: log file moved, bug causes crash in startup 2021-06-15 (1 min)
Enabling of Firewall in new/existing installations 2021-06-14 (1 min)
Alpine Linux dl-2 mirror is currently outdated 2021-06-03 (1 min)
PinePhone/PineTab: U-Boot gets upgraded in post-install 2021-05-27 (1 min)
Missing armv7 packages 2021-04-18 (1 min)
pipewire-pulse used instead of pipewire in new pmbootstrap installs 2021-04-15 (1 min)
meson binary missing 2021-04-11 (1 min)
Python 3.9 / protobuf / qt5-qtsvg / q6voiced 2021-04-08 (1 min)
pulseaudio removed by pipewire-pulse-0.3.24-r1 2021-04-02 (1 min)
Librem 5: Action required to keep WiFi functional after upgrade 2021-03-26 (1 min)
No space left on boot partition 2021-03-21 (1 min)
xwayland package fails to install 2021-03-19 (1 min)
sqlite 3.35 segfaults 2021-03-15 (1 min)
elogind 246.10-r0 breakage 2021-03-04 (1 min)


sxmo: conflict in 1.2.0 upgrade 2020-12-14 (1 min)
postmarketos-base: config migration 2020-12-03 (1 min)
xorg-server moved from main to community 2020-12-01 (1 min)
Breaking update for 32-bit arches in postmarketOS edge 2020-07-21 (1 min)